A Sunday thought

 I was going back home when I looked up at the beautiful sky. It’s something I’ve been doing a lot lately. I snapped a quick picture and later realized why it triggered some kind of feeling inside of me:

We’re like the cars. On the go. Obeying the signs that tell us when to stop, when to go. But what if just like the red light tells us, we stopped? 

Stopped moving so much, and looked up at the sky. What could it be telling us? Maybe that difficult  moments are just as inevitable as gloomy days.  And that joyful moments await just like that streak of sunlight that manifest itself as a sign of a brighter day. 

Patience, faith, and optimism is what we need with simultaneous acts of courage, love, and resilience. 

I find myself frequently immersed in deep thought and reflection about life, my identity as a person and teacher. I guess that’s why “The Instrospective Docente” felt very appropriate : )


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